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Cassia Carvalho, Cybelle Calmon, Dany de Castro, Jessica Ninfetinha, Joy, Joyce, Diego La Torre

Tuesday, April 11th, 2017

…And the Six Tranny Express keeps on chugging along! In this sensual belly lap dancing video, Diego is flanked on all sides by tempting ladymans, all with their own unique look but all totally pounding glamorous! Diego drops on his knees and rewards Joyce by mouthing on her lengthy lady manhood! Looks adore the tables have turned for this sultan, ‘coz all these randy womans begin cramming their greedy peniss in his mouth, while tugging on his prick – watch these steamy chicks submit him to all sorts of butt-fucking kink and more!

Adryella Vendramine, Avila Sherzinger, Danielly Marinetto, Jennifer Cortez, Jessica Ketlen, Lorena Smith, Ricardo Wandley

Monday, April 10th, 2017

Seated in Professor Wandley’s class are six screaming-hot schoolgirl transsexuals, but they did not display up for some damn quiz, these Latin women just require to suck and fuck the head of the class! Teacher Wandley begins off giving handjobs to Lorena Smith and Dani Marinetto, but they egg him on to work their dickheads with his mouth! Happily, he obliges deep-throating way more femme ding-dong than this chap can handle! Finally, these nasty cuties with nuts lay the prof on the table, and take turns banging his bung!

Adryella Vendramine, Cybelle Calmon, Dany de Castro, Jessica Ketlen, Jessica Ninfetinha, Joy, Andrey Andrade

Saturday, April 8th, 2017

Sexy damn! It is like volleyball trainer, Andrew sauntered into some kind of Tgirl Wonderland! Those long-haired divas look scrumptious as hell prancing around on the smooth grass in their bare feet and sport shorts. Out of warning, they suddenly pounce on him! Jessica jams her 10-Pounder in Andrew’s mouth and to his surprise, this woman chaser blows her with gusto. One down. Five more to go! Adriela, Cybele, Dany de Castro, Enjoyment and Jessica Kathleen crowd around, slapping their hard shlongs against his face as that petticoat chaser tries his damnedest to satisfy!

Avila Sherzinger, Cassia Carvalho, Danielly Marinetto, Jennifer Cortez, Joyce, Lorena Smith, Matheus Axell

Friday, April 7th, 2017

Coach, Matheus, is shocked to discover that Jennifer Cortez has invited five other gracious lady-boys with her! All wearing firm sports bras and form-fitting Health Club pantyhose that hug and display their curvaceous bodies, it is merely a matter of time before they work HIM over! Matheus gives into preeminent taboo crave, bending over to suck on Avila Sherzinger’s plump cock as Jennifer blows him. Dani Marinetto, Cassia Carvalho and Lorena Smith quickly peel off their Fitness Centre hot clothing…bad intentions written in their eyes…

Adelaide Novaes, Alessandra Leite, Aline Garcia, Bia Bastos, Laisa Lins, Laviny, Tommy

Thursday, April 6th, 2017

Welcome to Transsexual Nurse Heaven, where each of these long-legged darlings are hotter than the final! Blindfolded in their a team fuck den, Tommy blows the first wang nearest him. Bia Bastos, Laviny and Aline Garcia, Laisa and Alessandra Leite impatiently expect their turn for his throat on their woman shafts. After each nurse gets their turn pumping his mouth, they commence divvying up his gazoo! It’s an avid tangle of sweaty limbs, hard ladyboy dicks and orgasmic assfucking-reaming as Tommy desperately tries to satisfy all SIX sexy sheboy nurses!

Alexia Firenze, Evelin Rangel, Isabelli Killer, Kamilli Santos, Sheron Fox, Thayna, Alex Victor

Tuesday, April 4th, 2017

Calling all shemales! Do you read me?! Over! Lead officer in charge, Evelin Rangel spies Alex on the steps and leads her hawt squad of horny tranny cops to gang-bang his booty! They push him against the wall to kick off their cavity search, and by that I mean, Kamilli Santos fists her hand up his bum! Once that business is over and done with, Sharon Fox, Alexia Firenze, Isabelli, Thayna, and Kamili stand around in circle jerk fashion, watching with bated breaths as Evelin drills Alex upside-down with her dominant-bitch rod!

Alessandra Leite, Alexia Firenze, Bia Bastos, Evelin Rangel, Laviny, Sheron Fox, Laudas

Monday, April 3rd, 2017

When Laudas slides in the pool, not one but SIX alluring lifeguards come to his rescue. All these ladies have tight bodies, looking damn hawt in their red-hot skirts! They lay him down on the deck for inspection. Something isn’t quite right, Laudas starts to wonder when Alessandra Leite disrobes off his undies. The rest of the honey bunnys follow suit and lift up their skirts and commence jacking off their pricks! Evelin, Laviny and Alexia Firenze jam their femme wangs in Laudas’ face hole and butthole! See this hawt baywatch tranny a team fuck now!

Adelaide Novaes, Aline Garcia, Isabelli Killer, Kamilli Santos, Laisa Lins, Thayna, Rodolfo Rodrigues

Sunday, April 2nd, 2017

Brazil is definitely known for their undying love for soccer…and gorgeous shemales! A amicable game of the ‘ol futbol quickly devolves into an intense shemale gangbang when the opposing team has a problem with referee, Rodolfo’s bad call! Previous to that charmer can tell what is about to go down, they swarm on him adore white on rice, tossing off their weenies to acquire rock-hard before they ream him up his delicate wazoo! Rodolfo acquires monster-truck ROGERED in madcap fashion, his rectal hole taking SIX different flavors of ladyman!