Bountiful Boobies

Shes Not A Woman -  Bountiful Boobies

Shes Not A Woman - Bountiful Boobies

Commence at the eyes and move lazily to these cushioned shoulders and onto that bountiful boobage. Lucy casts a spell long before u spy her bulging basket, riding high above lengthy silky legs. Lengthy blonde hair cascading down to her trim waist.

Now close your eyes and take up with the tongue your lips. Think about holding onto these ideal meatballs and oozing your face hole up her thighs. Higher and higher till your tongue bath her smooth crotch and your pecker twitches and desires her full lips on your running cock-head.

Hump. Slip your meat up her body and Hump. Find her hardness and grind into her. Cover her throat with yours. Run your hands up her downy arms and pin ’em constricted, whilst she moans in your mouth and humps.

Shes Not a Female - Bountiful Boobies

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