Camili takes control of Rios - Camili takes control of Rios - Camili takes control of Rios

>Camili doesn’t like that Rios has been following her around looking suspicious. This babe confronts him, drags him without his car, handcuffs him, and then her “interrogation” begins. 1st, that babe slams him up against his car and body searches him for “weapons”. This babe doesn’t identify everything except one weapon which she feels like getting a little bit bigger amount precious acquainted with, She drags him inside and throws him down on the ottoman and rips his shirt off. Next comes the pants and shoes. Camili is acting voided urine off, but she already knows what this chab’s intend to do with Rios.

He complains about the handcuffs, and that babe tells him this babe’ll take the cuffs off if that stud behaves. That charmer does and sucks on Camili’s boobs as that babe sheds her fashionable raiment. That babe slaps his booty with her baton as this chab sucks on her shlong, then runs it up and down his asscrack. Camili dives in and rims Rios to receive his gap priceless and juicy. A boot on his back and a tongue up his ask receives her all that babe craves to know, which is that Rios needs a little greater amount slapping with the baton in advance of she pokes her jock inside of him.

Camili grabs Rios rock hard doggystyle, then holds him close as this babe not fast enters his wazoo with her rock hard twat stick. That babe proceeds to beat him and choke him with her baton as this babe pounds away at him. Finally, she flips him over and throw his legs over her shoulder so that babe can thrust deep inside of him and make him her floozy. - Hardcore Ladyman Sex and More

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