Cross Dressing Fellows And The Drunk Man

Studs Fun

Check out this adventure from Men Fun. If this chab had been sober, this woman chaser would’ve easily viewed that the chicks this chab was chatting with online were really studs. However, this chab was drunk and couldn’t tell. When they invited him to man-juice over, he snatched a beer and headed right over.

He thought that this was plan to be the finest night of his life, this Lothario thought that that smooth operator was gonna copulate 2 women at the same time. Even when this skirt chaser saw them in person, this charmer didn’t know that they were truly men. It wasn’t until they were fooling around and this chab identified that they really had weenies. Almost any lads may have left right then, but he was really turned on and curious. Pretty soon, these cross dressers were taking turns engulfing his wang.

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