Girls Go Shopping

Shes Not A Woman - Angels Day

Shes Not A Lady - Gals Day

It’s a pleasure day for the girls! They kick off out shopping and going from store to store, trying on raiment and teasing every other with the tightest outfits they can identify that display off those big kewl mammaries..

Then its home to inspect all the purchases that they bought for the day and a mock fashion reveal. Testing out those fresh and hawt gracious raiment and bigger quantity teasing of each other, showing bra buddies and a tight gazoo.

It’s not long until the modeling turns to tongueing and fondling each others good abs, and stroking each others thighs and that babe jocks. Then they engulf and lick each other until they can’t stand it and screw every other until they can’t watch.

Shes Not a Female Cuties Day

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