Mall Shopping

Shes Not A Female -  Mall Shopping

Shes Not A Lady - Mall Shopping

It was a sunny day great for shopping or just doing everything outside. This day is pay day and of course shopping day! This babe puts on her sexiest garments and begins out to the grocery. She is walking thru the aisles wiggling that constricted wazoo at each hot chap she can find! Then its off to the mall for recent slutty hot clothes for party nights!

She’s wiggling and jiggling at the mall and certainly raising all kinds of attention. That babe takes her time picking out the majority priceless and acquires what she needs before heading out to cruise the mall and pick out the buck she desires to take home. She’s in luck! Some Lothario has been following her everywhere, and that babe turns on him and boldy talks to him and invites him home!

That petticoat chaser is shocked, amazed and very glad this hawt lady has decided to take him home and acquiesces quickly enough! When they receive home it is bam giving a kiss and feeling just now. This babe can’t live with out all the attention and when this babe peels of her panties he’s shocked to see her rock hard she meat-thermometer, but doesn’t bat the other eye and likes how this babe feels sucking his shlong.

When this chab buries his thick rod into her sexy a-hole he’s in heaven as that babe begs him to copulate her harder and harder. This fellow loved losing his load all over her constricted arse likewise.

Shes Not a Dominant-bitch - Mall Shopping

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