Mia Rivers Is a Perfect 10

Mia Rivers is about as wonderful as hookers get.  This girl is just totally put together!  Sexuality exudes from her pores and any woman chaser in his right mind would follow that wazoo wherever it was walking.  Diego is definitely a fellow in his right mind, and pounces on Mia the second he lays his eyes on her.  Mia gladly follows him back to his hotel for some sensual kissing and petting, then asks for the specie upfront if this chab wishes to go any further.  After a smack, Diego can’t resist the full meal and hands over the money so this chab can tap that a-hole.  Little does this woman chaser know that this flawless 10 is really hiding a package under these shorts.  But by the time he realizes just what kind of hooker this indeed is, Diego is already in also unfathomable.  So, he just throws caution to the wind and bonks Mia’s face untill her throat is red.  That gent then pushes it hard up her wazoo and leaves a deposit on her chin as a souvenir.

Those alluring chicks have got pretty milk shakes and large swollen dicks! It’s the best of both worlds!