Slaveboys and Mistresses

Shes Not A Lady - Bondman Stud Fever

Shes Not A Woman - Villein Lad Fever

Two stylish hotty’s with large mammaries and round butts and a little additional shecock for smack. This poor serf charmer has his ding-dong tied up and thrashed just like this man desires it.

They have manacled this poor fellow to a wall.. They yank him back and forth fighting over this bondman lady-killer with anything they have. They can’t give him an inch or this chab might try to do things they just desire him to dream about.

However, those Lady-man Mistresses do have a bi tof a heart and allow him to lick an kiss these lengthy and silky legs and when he is wonderful they push his wazoo full of rod and choke him with meat.

Shes Not a Headmistress - Thrall Charmer Fever

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